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A unique fiction combining lots of different eleme- oh who am I kidding I’m just bored.

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    Daniel Hawking is currently a high school student in the Bay Area of California. He is currently passing his classes. What a development! Let's fail again. That was fun. He is an avid videogamer, borrowing several ideas from his favorite video games and incorporating them into his stories. He also has many ideas of his own, being quite abstract in his thought processes. His current videogame obsession is the awesomely kickass Kingdom Hearts II. Now shut up and let me game.
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Things About This Story That Were Retarded

Posted by danhawking on 1 October, 2010

1.) My attempts at jokes. Jesus.
2.) Self-referential “humour”.
3.) HP system.
4.) My entire writing style.
5.) Battles were oddly brief and self-servingly easy.


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An intro, perhaps?

Posted by danhawking on 3 October, 2006

A boy, living at his boarding school, wishes for something more to life, wishes for a new journey to start, even among all the schoolwork, even among the magic duels with his friends, even among the swordfighting.

He is, in a sense, unhappy with the world.

His journey begins as dark forces invade his world and shatter it, strewing all the pieces across other worlds and showing the creation of a dark foe, with one purpose – to destroy all worlds by “reuniting” them in the darkness.

The boy must choose then, whether or not he wishes to return to his home and return to a life of stasis and the mundane, or travel the worlds for eternity, risking their destruction.

Exodus of Hearts.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Updates all around!

Posted by danhawking on 5 March, 2006

Hiya, people.

I’m going to be hosting the “Untitled Kingdom Hearts/Hillbrook/MapleStory” fiction right here.

No, it’s not a fanfiction. Why? Because most of the mechanics of this universe are completely my own.

I own very few of the characters. Most of them own themselves, since I’m just basing their actions in here off of this fiction.

The Heartless, Twilight Town, the Keyblade, and possibly other unimplemented elements are (c) Squaresoft/Disney, 2002-2006.
Daniel Hawking, the redesign of the Hillbrook School, and most weapons are (c) Daniel Hawking, 2005-2006.

The Hillbrook School itself is (c) The Hillbrook School, 1940s-2006

30 August 2006: Hiatus over. Chapter [2.7] or something finished, [2.9] announced

17 August 2006: Hiatus announced. Chapter [2.6] finished completely.

22 July 2006: Teaser for a little confidence builder going up. [A Simple Distraction Part One]

10 July 2006: [2.5] finished. Watch me not update for another month.

5 July 2006: [4.?] finished.

15 June 2006: [2.3], [2.4] uploaded, [2.5] title revealed, [2.?] and [2.?+1] renamed to [2.6] and [2.7], and [4.?] being written. I’m tired.

21 April 2006:

Finished Chapter [2.2], The Next Morning. It’s one of my cop-out times, I was losing steam and wanted to get on to another part.

19 April 2006:

Little bit about weapons.

Update 21 March 2006 again:

WOW I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WORDPRESS. The site can be easy to use if you’re knowledgeable about HTML and other things, and for me, being a good Onliner, I can use this program style and be used to it quickly. I’ve managed to modify the sidebars, with a little “About the Author” and “Random Thoughts” section on the left, and the remainder of the important widgets on the right.

Update 21 March 2006:

Right, I’ve updated the glossary as well. Hope you like it, it overviews the concept of the heart, soul, and mind as represented in this story. Also, please leave feedback! PLEASE! I NEED TO KNOW WHO’S READING THIS BLOODY STORY SO THAT I CAN SEE WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE DO READ THESE BLOODY WRITINGS OF MINE.

Update 20 March 2006:
Finally, the beginning’s done. Now on with the juicy stuff. Section 3 uploaded.

Everything on the top bar’s been renamed too.

Update 14 March 2006:

-Section 5 uploaded. Now I have to write the Awakening, and then the beginning chronology is complete~

Update 06 March 2006:

-Section 6 uploaded.

Update 05 March 2006:

-Sections 1-2 and 4 uploaded.


Refer to the top header bar for the story’s multiple chapters.

Please, make comments if you see there is something to be fixed.

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